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Recruitment Training Resources

Please Note: As we have transitioned to SuccessFactors Recruiting as of 10/9/18, some of the references are to tasks to be done in VTHR, but the core processes and principles of these videos are still quite relevant. Please refer to the Hiring Manager User Guide for detailed instructions in doing the tasks mentioned in the videos within the new system.

Recruitment Readiness

This presentation provides an overview of the actions a hiring manager can take to be ready for a successful recruitment and hiring process.


Legal & Policy Considerations in Hiring

This presentation provides an overview of the policies and practices used by the State of Vermont to achieve a fair and legal process.


How to Assess a Job Candidate's Criminal History

This presentation provides an overview about how to comply with Vermont law when assessing a candidate’s criminal history.


NOTE: Please email our Recruitment Office if you need accommodation in viewing these videos.