Specialized Leadership Programs

The Department of Human Resources supports the development of strong leaders, managers and supervisors with its two flagship programs:

Visit their pages on this website for full information.

For Agencies and Departments

We support agencies and departments in their planning needs by offering workshops and coaching in:

(No consulting fees for Executive Branch departments and agencies. Special costs incurred by prior agreement may be charged to the department being served.)

Specialized Programs for any Level

We also offer specialized training and development opportunities in the following areas:

Strength Based Teams

(Prerequisites required): This half day workshop is for intact teams of four to 10  members. Supervisors and managers who have experienced the Gallup StrengthsFinder® assessment and introduction through Supervising in State Government, Vermont Certified Public Manager® Program, or special workshop, may enroll their teams. For more information, click here. Cost: $19.99 per participant who has not taken the StrengthsFinder® assessment.

MBTI for Teams (Myers-Briggs®)

During this two-part series, team members will gain valuable insight regarding their own personal style and the styles of others they work with in terms of how we process information, make decisions and our natural preferences. By utilizing the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®, we will learn about the 16 different types so that we can better understand ourselves and others that we interact with and be able to appreciate our personal differences. Learning about MB type, aids teams by fostering openness and trust, providing a neutral and affirmative language with which to discuss differences, identifying team strengths and blind spots, and create a framework to better manage change.

This series is ideal for any type of team.  Pre-registration is required as participants will complete the on-line assessment in advance of the classes.  Cost:  $25 per team member.  Please complete the DHR Consulting Request Form, found under Forms and Documents on the Leadership, Management and Specialized Programs page of the CAPS Website.

Important HR Topics

HR topics for supervisors and/or employees are offered as electives at CAPS, and may be brought to divisions, departments and agencies by special arrangement. Common subject matter includes:

  • Stepping up to Supervision
  • Respect in the Workplace (professionalism and inclusion)
  • Preventing Sexual Harassment
  • The SOV Performance Management System
  • Interviewing and Hiring
  • Special Wellness topics

These services may take the form of workshops which bring together several small teams to work independently on a common topic (e.g. strategic planning, succession planning, team strengths). Or, we may work with Agency, Department or Division leadership to provide training or consulting, or to help identify appropriate external resources.


Rates for these programs are listed above or on their primary web pages.

How to Request Services

To request consulting assistance from the Division of Workforce Development, complete the DHR CAPS Services Request Form and email the form to: DHR.services@vermont.gov.   Once the form is received, a member of the CAPS team will contact you to discuss your request.