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VTHR Training

Different VTHR users have different training needs. This page is designed to provide the trainings offered by VTHR in addition to How To documents and UPK’s.

Self Service (Employee and Manager):

  • VTHR 101:

    • An Introduction to VTHR. This training is for New Employees and includes logging in, navigating through the employee specific pages and entering information such as Time Entry, W4’s and Direct Deposit.
    • Online Training Videos for New Employees can be found at the New Employee Orientation site
    • If you need additional support please Email the VTHR Helpdesk or call 802.828.6700 option 4
  • Approving 101 (Managers/Supervisors):
    • Geared for Managers/Supervisor who need to review/approve employee reported time.
    • Approver access in VTHR requires enhanced security in VTHR. To obtain enhanced access, contact your HR Administrators or Department Delegates.
    • Approval Training Video
      • please email your Department's Business Office once you watch this training to let them know you watched the training


  • PAR Training is for PAR users such as: Human Resources staff, business offices, supervisors, delegates and other authorized users. This training provides the audience with how to use PAR to initiate and track HR-related transactions in VTHR.
  • PAR access does require enhanced access in VTHR. To obtain PAR access, contact your HR Administrator.

PAR Training  is required prior to access being granted.  To learn about available PAR Traninings, contact: Email DHR HRIS

Delegate Training:

  • Training for Delegates is offered through Time and Labor.  It is recommended new Delegates train with an existing Delegate or attend In-Person training prior to enhanced access in VTHR.
  • In-Person training is offered approximately once a quarter. For more information, contact: Email Time and Labor.
  • Delegates can also utilize the Training/DeskGuide. See Forms and Documents.

Business Manager Training:

  • Business Managers training is provided by the Department of Finance.  The training documents can be found on the Department of Finance and Management Taskgroups and Task Profiles Page
  • Business Managers can be granted enhanced access in VTHR.  To request this access, see your Department Delegate or Email the VTHR Helpdesk.



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