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VTLEAD -  Vermont Leadership Exploration and Development

VTLEAD is being redesigned this spring and summer (2022) to meet the ever evolving and changing needs of leaders in Vermont State Government.  We anticipate to offer classes in the Fall of 2022.

VTLEAD is a leadership development program for current and high-potential leaders, managers, supervisors, and for those aspiring to grow and develop their leadership knowledge and competencies.

The VTLEAD programmatic framework is designed to prepare interested participants to lead at all levels and provide Vermont State Government with a pipeline of leaders to meet the demographic challenges of today’s workforce -- a reduced working-age population, a low unemployment rate and nearly 25% of employees eligible for retirement in the next five years. The courses are free to State of Vermont employees and provide extensive practice and application opportunities to allow participants to build skill and proficiency for lasting success.

The program is open to current and emerging leaders and is aligned with the State of Vermont leadership competencies:

1.  Self-Aware

2.  Accountable

3.  Effective Communicator

4.  Teambuilder

5.  Talent Manager

6.  Strategic Leader

7.  Promoter of Diversity

8.  Problem-Solver/Decision-Maker

Course list:

  • Planning for Leadership
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Power of Influence
  • Ethical Behavior
  • Leadership Communication
  • Managing Change
  • Managing for Performance Improvement
  • Conflict Management
  • Creating and Guiding Successful Teams
  • Leveraging Diversity
  • Collaborative Leadership
  • Mentoring

Program Questions: 

Program Location

Currently, training is being delivered virtually.  When it is safe to do so, classes will be held primarily at the Center for Achievement in Public Service (CAPS), 32 College Street, Montpelier, VT.  Participants may anticipate some virtual delivery depending on topic.