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Vermont Certified Public Manager® Program

Thank you for your interest in the Vermont Certified Public Manager® Program (VCPM). The application deadline for the 2024-2026 Cohort is open and applications are being accepted through May 1, 2024.

The Department of Human Resources Workforce Development Division partners with the University of Vermont to bring you the VCPM program -- a two-year, multi-course learning experience for current and emerging leaders in Vermont Government and municipalities. The program is designed to be both practical and intellectually challenging. It provides a unique opportunity for managers and leaders to learn together about their common challenges and strategies for success. Graduates are eligible to obtain six college credits from the University of Vermont and the program is accredited by the National Certified Public Manager® Consortium. Graduates are eligible to join the American Academy of Certified Public Managers® (AACPM) , a professional association of public sector managers affiliated with the American Society for Public Administration (ASPA). Through these affiliations, graduates can engage with similarly trained public managers across the country. Program accreditation ensures the VCPM curriculum is aligned with best practices in management training and provides accountability and quality assurance.

VCPM Mission Statement  

To develop and inspire Vermont leaders who are ethically-centered, collaborative and committed to the betterment of the public good.  Our program proudly adheres to the high standards and ideals of the Certified Public Managers Program.

Who is VCPM for?

VCPM seeks a diverse group of leaders from a cross-section of departments, agencies and municipalities. They may have direct management responsibilities or may serve in roles with inter-agency or other far-reaching impact. Managerial designation is not required but may be given preference when applications are competitive. There is no pre-requisite of academic degrees. Training is designed for the intermediate and advanced level learner.

What is the VCPM Schedule?

Classes in the first 26 months occur every two to three months, for two to three days each. During the last several months, participants work on team consulting projects which require a schedule developed by the team in coordination with the sponsoring agency.

Course Content

  • Orientation to VCPM: Opening Seminar: Build team rapport, familiarize cohort and manager(s) and learn about the program; followed up by 360 Degree Assessment.
  • Emotional Intelligence: Understand emotional intelligence and how it impacts organizational and leadership effectiveness.
  • Working Effectively in Groups: Understand theories of group development, dynamics and effectiveness; learning and practice tools related to healthy work environment; appreciate and leverage differences in style and preference.
  •  Understanding State Government: Expand familiarity with state government structure; understand relationship between legislative and administrative budget processes, explore current public-sector issues impacting government leadership.
  • Diversity and Cultural Competence: Develop knowledge of cultural values, norms, behaviors and difference. Utilize a strengths-based approach to cultivate a diverse and culturally supportive workplace. Develop and practice strategies and skills to lead culturally diverse populations.
  • Guiding People and Systems through Change: Learn to use an integrated approach to initiate and support change and transition. Learn practical tools to help people adapt to change from an enterprise perspective.
  • Ethics: Develop knowledge of the meaning of Ethics in theory and application and define Ethics; differences between Ethics and Morals, identify SOV values and recognize potential conflicts of interest.   
  • Process and Project Management: Establish process performance measurement systems. Analyze a process for gaps, problems, and opportunities for improvement.
  • Change Management: Understand change management models and apply skills/framework for managing change. Examine roles within the change process. Apply models and tools to real examples in government.
  • Informing and Influencing: Identify key criteria for informative and persuasive speaking. Apply skills to simulated and real-life situations, incorporating principles, theories, and techniques acquired. Develop and deliver a persuasive speech that integrates the concepts and skills for speaking to influence.
  • Consulting Skills: Develop specific skills related to becoming consultants for Vermont public organizations. Learn the key steps in developing a consulting relationship and consulting project.
  • Concluding Seminar and Graduation: Review and identify accomplishments related to professional goals, accomplishments and skills gained from the program.  Identify strategies for building on the VCPM experience after graduation. Assess strengths and areas for improvement for the VCPM program.

What is the Time Commitment?

Approximately 25 classroom days and ten hours per month of independent work over two years. The consulting project will require an additional investment of time during the final year of the program.

Contact Information


Classes are held at the Center for Achievement in Public Service (CAPS), 32 College Street, Schulmaier Hall, Montpelier, at the UVM Campus in Burlington and online.  Please click here to learn more about the CAPS facility  so that you can plan ahead for your visit. 

Tuition (subject to change)

$1,150 for the first program year (billed July, year 1)
$1,150 for the second program year (billed July, year 2)
Total over 2 fiscal years: $2,300