Person holding a job offer

Job Offer Process

When you have selected your finalist for the position, you may make a verbal, conditional offer. In that conversation with the candidate, you can discuss a proposed start date and answer any questions that candidate may have prior to accepting the offer.

Pre-offer requirements

Before you make a conditional offer, check with your HR Administrator to ensure that pre-offer requirements are met and to obtain the applicable forms. This includes the Tax Compliance check (Policy 12.12) for all new hires and the Criminal History Declaration (Policy 4.11) for all hires except sworn officers and Corrections staff. Your department may have other background check requirements applicable to the position.

We have put together some useful information on how to make a job offer to your selected candidate:

Forward Applicant for Offer Letter (pdf)

Forward Applicant  (Video)


Hiring managers are expected to notify every applicant on the Routed Candidate List of the outcome of the hiring process.

Applicant Follow up (Video)

Rejecting Applicants (pdf)