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Coordinated Advertising

How to Submit a Coordinated  Print Ad     How to Submit an Online Ad (VT Digger, Indeed, VT Professionals of Color)

Recruitment Services offers assistance in coordinating your advertising needs.  We will help you place your advertisement using our coordinated ad services to maintain consistent branding and pass cost savings on to your agency and/or department.

In order to control costs and maintain brand consistency, DHR now produces the coordinated ads and sends the publications a “press ready” digital file with all content in place. This ensures our ads have the same “look and feel” each time they run (font sizes, font usage, color, imagery etc.) This also helps control costs as we aren’t paying for more advertising space than needed.

In this effort, we are moving to more concise and shorter descriptions. As our goal is to have candidates go to our web site to apply, we want to give them just the most pertinent information to grab their attention and  take the next action of going to the careers site to learn more.

  • Brand Awareness - Utilizing DHR Coordinated ad increases the State of Vermont brand awareness.  When job seekers see the State of Vermont job skin/logo they are familiar with the employer. Candidates look for the coordinated ads that run weekly to view our featured employment opportunities.  When placing an ad independently, use of the SOV job skin/logo is an important part of building future brand awareness.
  • Consistent Layout - A consistent layout allows customers to easily identify our organization quickly and stand out from competing employers.  More importantly, consistent layouts instill trust.  When a consistent design is utilized, customers become comfortable with the brand more quickly and longer than those with inconsistent designs and layouts.

Before you request to place a coordinated ad, familiarize yourself with the resources we have provided, which include instructions and format requirements.  Following these guidelines ensures that your ad is timely and effective.  Advertising sources may have different format requirements, deadlines and costs associated.

Coordinated and Online Ads Are Available For:

  • Burlington Free Press (Sunday edition) including online posting - Deadline for submission of ad request: Close of business Tuesday prior to Sunday run
  • Seven Days (weekly edition issued Wednesday) includes Twitter posting - Deadline for submission of ad request:  Close of business Thursday for next Wednesday publication 
  • Barre Times Argus & Rutland Herald (Weekender edition, issued Saturday-Monday) - Deadline for submission of ad request:  Close of business Tuesday prior to Saturday-Monday run
  • Indeed
  • VT Digger
  • VT Professionals of Color Network

Coordinated Ad Deadlines & Cost

Print ads vary in cost. Each department’s share can range from $145.00- $500.00 per week, depending on the publication, the number of positions that will be advertised, and the overall size of the advertisement.  Departments are billed by Recruitment Services on a monthly basis for their share of the Coordinated Ads.

Burlington Free Press (Average coordinated ad cost is $350 +/-) *Career Builder is automatically included with coordinated print ads placed in the Burlington Free Press.

Barre Times Argus & Rutland Herald (Average coordinated ad cost is $350 +/-)

Seven Days (Average coordinated ad cost is $400+/-)

Creating Your Coordinated Ad – Coordinated Ad Requirements

  1. Every advertisement should include the following:

    • Job title and location
    • A lead sentence
    • A brief description of the job
    • Who you are looking for
    • Department
    • Contact/other information
  2. The lead sentence should be an active, strong sentence that will communicate, from the applicant’s point of view, either how the employee will contribute or what they are likely to gain from taking the job.   For example:
    • “Give a new shape and focus to an important program while helping to improve the lives of Vermont’s more vulnerable citizens.”
    • “Would you like to make a valuable contribution supporting and developing a statewide human resource/financial system?”
  3. The brief description of the job should be written in plain language that will let the potential applicant recognize what the job is about and its basic functions. Less is more, so use only a few sentences.
  4. Answer the question: “Who are you looking for?” This might be an abbreviated statement of the minimum qualifications, preferred qualifications or specific skills desired. One sentence should do it.
  5. Your ad copy should be no more than 90 words or 500 characters

Sample Completed Advertisement Request with Correct Formatting:


We have an exciting and challenging opportunity for an individual with experience in the areas of capital formation, corporate finance and securities offerings in our Securities Division. This position involves the review and analysis of securities offerings filed with the Division and supporting the Division’s mission to protect investors while maintaining fair, orderly and efficient markets while helping to facilitate capital formation options for small business. For more information, contact William R. Carrigan, Department of Financial Regulation at Job ID: 621420. Full-Time. Application Deadline: June 7, 2017.

Our template for the Coordinated Ad includes the EOE statement below, so you do not need to include it with your submission request….

Sample of coordinated ad:

BFP eighth page with standard DHR ad template header and footer with optional images 

1/8th page ad for Burlington Free Press (not to exact scale)

BFP Quarter Page  with standard DHR ad template header and footer with optional images

1/4  page ad for Burlington Free Press (not to exact scale)

Submitting Your Coordinated Ad

  1. Verify that you have financial authorization for placing an advertisement.  Departments are billed monthly.  Recruitment places the ad on the basis of the email request submitted to us and your business department will be billed accordingly.
  2. Verify that the Job Posting is active on the DHR website.
  3. Email your request form for Coordinated Ads to our Ad Request Inbox by the deadline for the publication.  Please be sure to include the job-relevant information outlined in the applicable instructions you job may not get in the publication.
  4. Email your request to sponsor a posting on Indeed to the Ad Request Inbox. Specify the Job Opening ID and Job Title.

Submitting Your Online Ad

Indeed: Sponsoring a post on Indeed gives us the flexibility to set our own budget. We suggest a budget of $250 to $500 to start. Indeed is “pay per engagement” so if potential candidates are not clicking on the post, teams will not reach the budget cap. Indeed has a strong algorithm and a lot of tools to get the posting in front of the right candidates with relevant experience and education. Please note, our jobs are automatically scraped by Indeed, so this option is just to sponsor a post for additional impressions. To sponsor an Indeed ad, the hiring team can e-mail their Talent Acquisition Specialist. Please provide the title/job req ID and indicate the budget and length of time sponsored.

VT Digger: Advertising on VT Digger costs $50 for two weeks, and $25 for each additional week for a Basic post. VT Digger also has an option for Featured Jobs, which is $99 for two weeks, and $25 for each additional week. The featured listings include priority placement in their job feed and mention their daily e-mail newsletter on the day the job is listed/submitted. The newsletter has about 21,000 impressions per newsletter and they’re seeing, on average, 128 clicks on job postings. To submit VT Digger ads, the hiring team can e-mail their Talent Acquisition Specialist. Please provide the title/job req ID and indicate whether it is basic or featured, and the length of time they'd like it advertised.

VT Professionals of Color Network: We can sponsor positions on the VT Professionals of Color Network, which is $100 for a two-week posting and $10 for each additional week. Please note that the Network is only accepting salaried and career-building experiences. To submit ads to the VT Professionals of Color, hiring teams can e-mail their Talent Acquisition Specialist the DHR VT PoC Network Ad Request Form.

If you have questions related to coordinated ad instructions or placement, you should email your inquiry to your Talent Acquisition Specialist and copy DHRAdRequests, which is monitored by a member of recruitment services in order to assist you with coordinated advertising related questions.