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I just accepted an offer, what do I do next?

Congratulations on your new job!

We are excited that you have decided to join the State of Vermont. We want to help you get ready for the first day of your new career here.

We have a wealth of resources available to you, but wanted to help you navigate the site to find what you will need. 

1. Let's start with this short video about what to expect on your first day:

2. You should connect with your new manager.

They will probably reach out via phone or email (or both) to talk about the first day and answer any other questions you have. If you don't hear from them, please contact them soon after you accept your offer. We have provided this helpful checklist you can use while speaking to your new manager!

What you really need to know is:

  • What time do I need to report?
  • Where do I park?
  • What address do I go to?
  • Who do I ask for when I arrive?
  • What are the proper attire standards?
  • Is there a plan for lunch (do I bring my own or are we going out to eat?)
  • Anything  job-related I need to bring with me? (we will go over documentation you'll need in another step)
  • Any other questions you may have

Note: They may have a preliminary schedule for your first day, but it may not be finalized yet. 

3. Benefits

Next, you should familiarize yourself with some of the great employee benefits that are offered at the State of Vermont. Although this will be part of your New Employee Orientation (NEO) when you start, if you have time, you can review ahead of your start date. Go to the NEO Main Page and review. There are six (6) short videos to review. 

4.  Documentation

Next, you should gather the necessary documentation that you will need to verify your eligibility to work in the United States. You will need to fill out and sign an I-9 form when you start. It is very important to have the accompanying acceptable documentation your first day. Failure to produce this documentation can result in you being determined not eligible to work. Here is a link to the Federal Government's list of acceptable documentation to verify eligibility. 

5. Explore Other Resources

There is a lot of information on our site you can explore. You do not need to review all these pages before you start, it's there if you have questions now and well after you begin your career with the State of Vermont!

Here are some important resources that will help you with questions:

Where can I get more details about Health and Wellness Benefits and Retirement Planning?

What about other benefits the state offers? (scroll down to "additional benefits" section)

What about policies as an employee I am responsible to know and understand? (scroll down to "employee responsibilities" section)

Where do I find out about using VTHR to enter my time and get pay and leave information? (scroll down to "VTHR Help Guides" section)

What about other important information I may need?

Forms and Documents - NEO
Forms and Documents