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Which course is mandatory?

Supervising in State Government (SSG) is mandatory for all designated supervisors, including managers who supervise.

Should some supervisors attend SSG as soon as possible?

It is a top priority for new supervisors, and for supervisors who are new to state government, to take SSG1 as soon as possible. Going forward, new supervisors should attend SSG within three months of attaining the position of Supervisor.

I took a different State of Vermont supervisory training. Do I still need to attend SSG?

Supervisors who have not had specific SOV supervisory training in the past five years should attend SSG. These qualifying SOV trainings include DHR’s “Supervisor’s Development Program” (SDP), AOT’s “Fundamentals of Supervision”, and the AHS “Supervisory Training Program.” 

If you have attended one of these programs since September 2010, you are still required to take SSG.

Why is this course mandatory for all designated supervisors and managers who supervise?

SSG is designed for both new and experienced supervisors. It introduces a strengths-based approach to performance management that has not been taught in SOV supervisory training in the past. SSG is mandatory to build a common language among supervisors at all levels of state government, to encourage positive and effective support of employee engagement, and to support supervisors in meeting their performance requirement to provide consistent, effective supervisory observation, feedback and evaluations.

Will I be “certified” when I complete SSG?

CAPS provides a certificate of completion for SSG.

How do I sign up?

Register on the Supervising in State Government web page or by clicking on the image at the bottom of this page.

Where are the classes held?

Most SSG classes are held at the CAPS training center in Montpelier.

Are the classes ever held in other locations?

Periodically, SSG will be scheduled at other locations around Vermont. Sessions are offered both in-person and virtually. Contact CAPS to discuss forming a course for your state office and location.

What do I do if I need to miss a class?

Please notify, or call 828-2751 as early as possible if you must miss a day of class. We encourage all SSG participants to attend all class days for which they originally enrolled. We know that however hard we try, emergencies arise. If you must miss, we can schedule you into a make-up day in a different session.

I am not a designated supervisor yet but will be soon. Can I sign up for the class now?

SSG is reserved for current designated supervisors and all managers who supervise. The course "Stepping Up to Supervision" is designed for those considering or growing into a supervisory role. Please see our classroom electives if you are interested.

How much work will SSG involve?

Each day of SSG includes preparation of approximately an hour during the week before class. The class days themselves are interactive, and rely on the preparation assigned.