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Incentive Program

LiveWell Vermont kicks off Wellness: Your Way 2018 Incentive Program

Incentive year runs: 1/1/18-11/1/18

Begin your wellness experience by logging onto the LiveWell Vermont Wellness Portal.

The 2018 Incentive Program, Wellness: Your Way, consists of 3 focused trimesters:

Picture of the Lean, Green and Serene Trimester logos.  

Trimester 1: Lean: January 1-April 14- Physical Activity

Trimester 2: Green: April 15- July 28- Nutrition

Trimester 3: Serene: July 29- November 1- Emotional Health

To Get Started, you will first complete your Health Assessment and Wellness Score Survey for 2018.  This is required to be eligible for incentives.  You will earn 100 points for this and these points (and only these points) will carry forward throughout the incentive year.  You need only do Get Started once in 2018.  Once you complete this step, choose from each trimester’s a la carte menu around our focus area and design your own wellness experience -to your taste. Menus will change for each new trimester’s focus area.

When browsing your menu, you will see that each item has a designated point value. You choose how you earn your 100 points but remember, your choices must be completed by the trimester end date for those points to count.  Other than the points earned under Get Started, menu item points do not carry to another trimester. For trimesters 2 and 3, you will start with a clean plate. There is no partial payout for partial points. 

Eligible participants can earn $50/100 points per trimester through completion of wellness tasks. At the start of each trimester a new menu of activities and their point value will be released, and the previous trimester’s will expire.  Although each trimester has a focus, the LiveWell team encourages you to maintain healthy behaviors in all categories all year long. Since each semester is separate and unique, you can earn points/money up to 3 times (up to 300 points or $150)!  The choice is yours!

Eligibility Requirements:

Active, permanent employees must use their employee ID# as their username in the wellness portal to be eligible for incentive rewards.

Active permanent employees insured with SOV/BCBSVT are eligible for cash incentives and must be active at the time of payment.

Active permanent employees not insured with SOV/BCBSVT are eligible for wellness drawings, for which each completed menu item is equal to 1 drawing entry.

Retired and temporary SOV employees are welcome to participate but are not eligible for any incentives.

Incentives are available until funds and/or drawings are depleted or by November 1, 2018.

LiveWell Vermont retains the right to audit for accuracy of reported information associated with the 2018 Incentive Program. Incentive payouts may be delayed or withheld for false or inaccurate information. 

Questions? Please consult the FAQ.

Watch the 2018 Wellness: Your Way Incentive Program video below for detailed information: 

Need to create an account?  Join in the LiveWell Vermont Wellness Portal.

Please review How to Set Up Your LiveWell Vermont Portal Account for detailed instructions. Need additional help? Watch the Registration Video below:

While on our Wellness Portal, spend a few minutes checking out the wide variety of tools and resources to support your health and wellness. In addition to the online health assessment, you can join wellness challenges and workshops, register for events, and access nutrition and exercise planners and trackers. LiveWell Vermont will continue to offer on-site wellness events, biometric screenings and flu shots throughout the year.

You only get one Live It Well!

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