2021: Back to Square One Incentive Program

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Starting September 16th, the site will not be supported on Internet Explore.

Quarter 3 runs 7/1-9/30

To learn details about the Incentive Program, check out the 2021: Back to Square One Incentive Program FAQ

Important to Note: Plan on 4 extra days after the completion date of either Cprporate and Personal Challenges! There is a 3-day grace period that will run after the official challenge completion end date. During this period, you can backlog any days you missed tracking during the challenge. You must track each day of the challenge, including weekends to meet the challenge goals. If tracking requires a "yes" or "no" answer, you must tracjk "yes" to meet that day's goal and earn the point. Be sure you are backlogging during the challenge dates.  Once the grace period closes, you can no longer access the challenge. Points will load into your portal on the 4th day,  the day after the grace period expires. Points must load in the current quarter for them to count for the incentive. So, for a 7-day challenge, plan on 11 days; for a 14-day challenge, plan on 18 days, for a 30 day challenge, plan on 34 days and for a 60 day challenge, plan on 64 days. 

LiveWell Vermont retains the right to audit for accuracy of reported information associated with the 2021 Incentive Program. Incentive payouts may be delayed or withheld for false or inaccurate information. 

Eligibility Requirements:
State of VT active employees and retirees are eligible to earn points/ or money in the 2021: Back to Square One Incentive Program.
State of VT active permanent employees or retirees must be insured with SOV/BCBSVT at the time of payment to be eligible for incentive money.
State of VT active permanent employees or retirees not insured with SOV/BCBSVT are eligible for drawings for fantastic wellness prizes* (while supplies last).
Temporary SOV employees are welcome to participate but are not eligible for incentive money; they
are eligible for drawings for fantastic wellness prizes* (while supplies last).

*Incentives and the value of Wellness Prizes are subject to State and Federal Taxes as Fringe Benefits.  For active employees, the monetary amount or the prize value will appear on your pay statement as a "Wellness Fringe Benefit" under Wages and Earnings. Retirees are responsible to declare the value on their own taxes as Retirement does not take out taxes. 

Questions? Contact LiveWell Vermont at 802-828-7308 or by email at DHR.LiveWellVermont@vermont.gov. Due to the pandemic, LiveWell Vermont staff is working remotely so there may be a delay in responding to your question.  You can also reach them by cell at 802-585-0813 (Maura O'Brien) or 802-585-8505 (Grace Thompson). We appreciate your patience and will respond as quickly as possible.

You only get one life...so Live It Well!

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