2019 Incentive Program Around Your World

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LiveWell Vermont retains the right to audit for accuracy of reported information associated with the 2019 Incentive Program. Incentive payouts may be delayed or withheld for false or inaccurate information. 

Questions about syncing your device? Please consult the FAQ found here.

Eligibility Requirements:
Active permanent employees insured with SOV/BCBSVT are eligible for cash incentives and must be active at the time of payment.
Active permanent employees not insured with SOV/BCBSVT are eligible for wellness drawings, for which each completed menu item is equal to 1 drawing entry.
Retired and temporary SOV employees are welcome to participate but are not eligible for any incentives. 

Questions? Please contact the LiveWell Vermont Team at dhr.livewellvermont@vermont.gov

You only get one life...so Live It Well!

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