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To register for a COVID-19 Test or Vaccination, click here

If you have recently been exposed to someone with COVID-19, please consult the FAQ for information on best practices. The Main call center is also available to help answer further questions. The call center can be reached at: (802) 863-7240 or

Make Sure You Are Fully Vaccinated and Protected (Pfizer and Moderna Vaccines)!

As varients of the COVID virus are starting to appear, it is important that you complete the two shot series if you got your first shot with Moderna or Pfizer Vaccines. These vaccines may protect you against the primary COVID virus but ar not very effective against the varients that are now showing up in the States. 

Please protect yourselves, your family, those you love and the greater Vermont community!  We can do this!!

To learn what vaccinations are recommended for you, visit the CDC website
Sign up and get a COVID vaccine when it's your turn! Learn more and register!

COVID Precautions for Travel and Socializing

You may not be protected from COVID-19 for a few weeks after your second shot. Experts still need to understand more about how COVID-19 vaccines keep us safe from this coronavirus, before changing prevention recommendations. That's why it's important to continue taking steps to prevent COVID-19 and to follow the state guidelines for travel and quarantine. 


Livongo is a holistic program that empowers people with certain health challenges to live better and do more. If you have type 1 or type 2 diabetes  and /or high blood pressure, Livongo is for you!

Livongo can make it easier to manage your condition(s), giving you the support, tools, and feedback you need when you need them most. The best part? There is no cost to you. Livongo is currently only available to those employees and retirees in the health plan through the Stateas well as their covered dependents.

SOV specific contact information:

Online registration:

Registration code: STATEOFVERMONT

 or call (800) 945-4355.

Check out the Livongo Health Resoures 

Stress Management Resources

Mental Well-being: Life is All About Perspective

Coping with Stress - WHO

COVID-19 PTSD Stress Management

SOV LINC Online Workshops

How Can I Manage Stress from Livongo

Tips to Ease Tension

5 Simple Tips for Stress Relief

Mental Health Infographic

Practice breathing and relaxation techniques at home:

BCBSVT Resources: 

BCBSVT Integrative Health Programs

BCBSVT Blue Extras

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For more information, visit the SOV Benefits Employee Assistance Programs Webpage.

InvestEAP offers 24/7 short term counseling and referral to all state employees and their household members. If you need support on anything, please call (888) 834-2830 or visit Invest EAP  Organization Password: "vteap"

Resources are also available for supervisors and/or other employees. Examples of services include:

  • Supervisory Consultations for an employee or the immediate supervisor of employees about challenging situations in the workplace;
  • Supervisory Referrals for employees who may need EAP support to return to a previous level of performance;
  • Workshops on a wide array of topics;
  • Web-based resources and tools

All Services utilized through EAP are strictly kept confidential.

EAP Newsletters

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InvestEAP Virtual Lunch & Learns: For the next session, check out our Events Calendar!

Self Care: Take care of yourself!

  • Unplug. Don't let the technologies that help you do your work get in the way of your leisure time. Consider turning off cell phones or beepers when you are with family or friends. And avoid checking work email after hours.
  • Be realistic. Remember that everyone has good days and bad days at work. For more information, see the topic Stop Negative Thoughts: Choosing a Healthier Way of Thinking.
  • Reward yourself. When you finish a difficult task, celebrate. Take a short walk or call a friend!
  • Schedule time for fun. Being quarantined is an adjustment for all of us! Be sure to schedule “you time” every day…Take the lunch time virtual yoga, go for a walk, read a book

Stay Active

Exercise can improve your mood and energy. It can also prevent fatigue and boost confidence! With gyms and studios closing, many places are offering free, virtual classes! Search for you favorite class type or check out the following!

Design your own workout - AHA

Free Online Yoga Classes:

Family Tips

While the coronavirus is still spreading, it's best to take a "better safe than sorry" approach. This means:

Maintain a Healthy, Well-Balanced Diet

High Protein Snacks

10 Secrets to Cooking Healthier

Health Care Share program at Vermont Youth Conservation Corps. We provide a free produce CSA through health center and hospital networks to patients/households experiencing food insecurity and/or diet related illness. Our members are referred through primary care providers but it is not a formal ‘prescription’ program.

Other Educational and Support Resouces

- For information regarding CoVID-19 click here

InvestEAP: SOV Organizational Password:VTEAP

Find Your Prudential Retirement Counselor

         For Central VT: Gilles Owen. Click here to schedule an appointment or call 802-622-4240

         For Northwest VT: Brian Ficek. Click here to Schedule an Appointment or call 802-222-1798

         For Southern VT: Susan Kibbe. Click Here to Schedule an Appointment or call 802-391 7229

         For Montpelier and the North East Kingdom: Chip Sanville. Click here to schedule an appointment or call     802-274-0172

- SOV Smoking Cessation: 802Quits

VT State Treasurer's Office: Financial Literacy

 - Smart About Money Online Courses (Website was retired on July 31, 2021. Any course through an alternate resource is acceptable under the LiveWell Vermont 2021 Incentive Program. Please note in survey the name of the course and the sponsoring organization.)

-LIVONGO: Online registration: Registration code: STATEOFVERMONT; May also call (800) 945-4355. (Employees/retirees covered under BCBSVT with the State.) 

-HOW (Health through Oral Wellness) through NE Delta Dental

Vermont Department of Health

-Vermont Food Standards

-Vermont Food Standards Implementation Guide