Incentive Program

LiveWell Vermont 2018 Incentive Program Wellness: Your Way ended on 11/01/18! Congratulations to everyone who participated. 2,557 active employees earned an incentive this year! We hope you enjoyed the program.  Stay tuned for the 2019 Program!

Questions? Please consult the 2018 Wellness:Your Way FAQ.

Need to create an account?  Join in the LiveWell Vermont Wellness Portal.

Please review How to Set Up Your LiveWell Vermont Portal Account for detailed instructions. Need additional help? Watch the Registration Video below:

While on our Wellness Portal, spend a few minutes checking out the wide variety of tools and resources to support your health and wellness. In addition to the online health assessment, you can join wellness challenges and workshops, register for events, and access nutrition and exercise planners and trackers. LiveWell Vermont will continue to offer on-site wellness events, biometric screenings and flu shots throughout the year.

You only get one Live It Well!

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