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Working With Temp Agencies

Temporary Employment Services

The State of Vermont currently has staffing contracts with ATA Services, DatamanUSA, and 22nd Century. These are national companies that have sub-contracted with local staffing agencies such as Spherion, Adecco, and Westaff in order to provide talent at the local level.

If your team would like to request a temporary associate, hiring managers must follow the rules of their department for the requisitioning of temporary staffing services. If approved to use a temporary staffing agency, the hiring manager should discuss their temporary staffing need with the agency. This conversation will include core job requirements, skills, and timing. This information will be relayed to either the Account Manager or their local subcontractor, to start the recruiting and screening efforts to fill the role as soon as possible. All purchasing, invoicing and rate negotiation activities should be done according to your departmental policy.

To learn more about ATA Services, or to place a work order for a temporary associate, please contact: Marya Brancio at 303-278-9900 or

To learn more about DatamanUSA, or to place a work order for a temporary associate, please contact: Nidhi Saxena at 720-248-3110.

To learn more about 22nd Century, or to place a work order for a temporary associate, please contact: Kulpreet Singh at 888-998-7284 or

Onboarding a Temp from an Agency

  • No tax or criminal history declaration is completed
  • Contractor badges are requested through Buildings and General Services by the department
  • No PAR (Personnel Action Request) or employee ID is created
  • The department would work with ADS to set up “partner” accounts and email addresses, as needed.

Pricing and Payment

Pricing has been established for each temp agency and you can find the rate table by clicking here.

Please note that the Administrative Fee is a mark-up on the hourly pay rate and may be negotiated at a lower percentage rate.

Depending on the requirements of the position, these services may not be able to provide candidates. For example, high-risk or extremely labor-intensive positions may not be approved by the agency. Check with your contact at agency for more details.

Invoices are sent directly to the supervisor along with a copy of the invoices to the designated state employee for sign off and payment on behalf of the State. Invoicing and reporting requirements may be customized to fit the needs of a given department. Please work with the agency to establish how invoices should be received and paid. Each agency will have different purchasing and payment terms.

State purchasers may use the State Purchasing card for the payment of invoices. Use of the Purchasing Card requires all required documentation applicable to the purchase.

Rules and Policies

Temporary employees sourced through an agency are paid only for actual hours worked and are entitled to overtime in accordance with federal law. Temporary employees may have to submit their time through the Employment Service’s time entry system, which is often electronic and will require weekly approval from the hiring manager.

Temporary employees sourced through an agency are not eligible for medical benefits, dental insurance, long term disability insurance, group life insurance, annual leave, personal leave, retirement benefits, and holiday compensation through the State of Vermont. However, the agencies may offer health benefits to their associates (check with each agency).

Temporary employees sourced through an agency are not covered by rights, benefits, procedures, and privileges of classified employment including but not limited to those conferred by the collective bargaining agreement.

Temporary employees sourced through an agency fall under “joint employment”. A worker who is shared by multiple employers is entitled to the same rights and protections under federal employment laws as any other worker in the US. When joint employment exists, all of the employers are responsible, jointly and individually, for complying with the laws.


Please click here to view the NASPO ValuePoint Master Agreement for 22nd Century, ATA Services, or DatamanUSA.